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We Believe In The Power Of Transformation.

Paul David Hewson. Peter Gene Hernandez. James Todd Smith.

Those names probably don’t ring any bells, but we’re betting that their faces would. These especially hum-drum sounding people are actually household names: Bono, Bruno Mars, LL Cool J.

But let’s be honest… when U2’s front man walks down the driveway to take out the garbage, he’s an ordinary person like anyone else. But when he takes the stage under bright lights with a microphone in his hand? He’s bigger, louder, and more captivating. He’s Bono! His alter ego is unleashed and he transforms from a regular joe to a world-famous rock star.

This is what we’re all about at AlterEgo. We turn your corporate talent into all-stars on stage, transform blank-slate ballrooms into captivating environments, and create inspiring calls to action out of run-of-the-mill presentations. When the right sound, lighting, projection and scenic elements are in play, true magic can happen.

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