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av answers: video lessons

Join Brian Burkhart in AV Answers, a series about what every meeting professional needs to know about their event AV.

This one can be a little scary for some, but incorporating live entertainment into your event is a fantastic idea! Yes sure, not

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Here’s one situation that we’ve had our fair share of nightmares about… arriving on-site to find that the crew has almost no time

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Microphones might sound like the most straightforward element of AV production, but very often that’s not at all the case. While in events’

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Ahhh scenic. Done well, it can make just about any event look and feel like a Vegas-worthy show… but done poorly, it can

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Corporate speakers of the world, rejoice! Gone are the days of having to memorize every line of your script before ever stepping on

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Despite our best efforts, most in the AV production industry haven’t mastered the art of telepathy… but thankfully, we don’t have to! For

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event strategy + planning

Pre-site templates, planning checklists, pre-event best practices... check out our event strategy and planning tips from the pros.

operation: transformation

Total transformation isn't just possible, it's vital! Explore how to completely transform your next meeting event.

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Real answers from the real AV pros... without all of the nerdy jargon!


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