Lighting Design + Rigging Services

For spectacular events, every detail matters. That’s why our expert rigging and lighting design services provide the skeleton and finishing flourish to transform the mundane to magical.

Our motto is this: the devil is in the details. We understand that rigging is the very skeleton of spectacular scenic, and lighting is the finishing touch for experiential events - and our commitment to perfection with both is what makes the difference.

As a full-service production agency, we have the opportunity to watch events go from ideas scribbled on paper to awe-inspiring experiences. It’s what get’s us up in the morning. And with that start-to-finish project experience, we know one thing for sure: the details at every stage matter a lot.

Our rigging services and lighting design is distinct from the rest because of our obsession with perfection. Accurate and reliable rigging is the framework from which a great event is built, and fantastic lighting design is the final element to create spectacular scenic. From planning to strategy to execution, we know the process like the back of our hand, and it shows in our work.

From simple stage lighting to Las Vegas-esque theatricality, we can assemble the building blocks necessary for lighting and rigging, big or small.

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