We Believe In The Power
Of Transformation

We Believe In The Power
Of Transformation

At AlterEgo, we do things differently.

How are we different? We know what we stand for. We believe in building relationships, not client lists. We believe in transparency, not invoices as complicated as calculus problems. We believe in sourcing only the perfect gear for the job, not making you pay for a warehouse full of “good enough.” We believe in doing great work behind the scenes so you look good when the lights dim and the show begins.

What We do

Top-of-the-line sound systems? Check. State-of-the-art projection and video playback? You got it.
Seasoned event production pros? On our speed dial. We are experts in bespoke event production and execution.

Full Scale Production
+ Consultation

We work side-by-side with you throughout the production process, so that your event meets and exceeds your highest expectations.

Scenic Design
+ Experiential Elements

Stage design, digital imagery creation, theme development… we turn an empty space into an unforgettable experience one scenic element at a time.

Lighting Design
+ Rigging

Incredible lighting starts with expertly-constructed rigging. Illuminate small breakout spaces or expansive ballrooms with the same dedication to perfection.

+ I-Mag Services

Whether it’s a ballroom-spanning screen combo or a six-foot projector in a breakout room, we know how to showcase truly vivid and inspiring visuals.

Event Labor
+ Showflow

Your event is only as good as the people behind the scenes. Our wide network of trustworthy backstage talent keep things rolling without a hitch.

AUDIO Systems
+ Microphones

Communicating your message is mission-critical. We make sure your audience hears it loud and clear with spectacular sound systems and microphones.

The Company We keep

From Fortune 500 companies to locally-owned franchises, legacy corporations to technology start-ups . . .
We do stellar work, and we’ve got the relationships to prove it.

Tell Us About Your Event

Do you believe what we believe? We want to work with you. Let’s chat.

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