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WE BELIEVE AV Shouldn't be mysterious

Barco RLM-W14 DLP projector. Clair Brothers i208 Line Array element. Hippotizer V4 Taiga media server. VariLite VL3500 Spot luminaire.

We’re willing to bet that right now you’re thinking: “Huh?” We feel you. If we weren’t audio-visual professionals, we’d be thinking the same thing. But just because you aren’t familiar with AV lingo doesn’t mean you should have the wool pulled over your eyes.

Professional AV is the backbone to a great event, so why should you be in the dark about what you’re actually getting?

We believe that our audio-visual services should be as straightforward as brushing your teeth. We believe that an invoice from AlterEgo AV shouldn’t read like a car manual. We believe in relationships, and we know that relationships are built on trust and transparency… even when you’re dealing with high-tech equipment.

When you work with us, we ditch the jargon and get real about what you’re getting. Not sure what that word is on the proposal? Just ask us. Received an invoice from another company with mysterious line items you need help with? Give us a call. Even if it’s not us you’re working with, we stand by what we believe in. And if you work with us? You’ll never be left guessing.

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