Brian Burkhart

Co-Founder | Creative Director

Maestro of the Microphone, Chief Word Guy, Producer Extraordinaire… Brian Burkhart has worn plenty of hats throughout his professional life, but one thing has always stood out: Brian knows business communication.

And not just any business communication. The kind that stirs the pot and empowers an audience not just to listen, but to act. A master of communication, Brian brings his experience in media production and keynote speaking to AlterEgo in a big way.

Brian got his start in media and video production, where he helped to tell complex stories in human-centered, story-driven ways. From there, Brian would go on to form SquarePlanet, a creative agency that set out to change the way people thought about business communication. Nowadays, SquarePlanet is the creative right-hand-man of AlterEgo and is part of what makes AlterEgo a one-stop-shop for all things event production, from creative strategy to technical execution.

That isn’t to say Brian doesn’t have his fair share of technical skill. A seasoned veteran in event direction and production, Brian orchestrates showflow and coordination between video, projection, sound and stage direction - a crucial element of successful events.

During AlterEgo productions, Brian can usually be seen sprinting between front of house and backstage, shaking the hands of talent, running rehearsals and putting out fires all the while. When he’s not wearing a crew headset, Brian is hiking with his wife near his home in Phoenix, Arizona.

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